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Mark S Berry is a producer, mixer, engineer and remixer from Brooklyn New York...

Mark S Berry began his music career in 1972 at the Institute of Audio Research (IAR) in New York City.  He moved to London aged just 18 and worked at AIR Studios. He won his first engineering credit on Carly Simon's No Secrets album.

Mark returned to the USA in the mid 1970s freelancing in New York (The birth of Hip Hop to Independent Producer).  He was staff engineer and in-house A&R/producer for Vanguard Records for nine years.

During this time Mark felt the explosive pulse of New York City street rhythms and his A&R skills directed him to discovering and producing up and coming dance acts such as Alisha, who after success with Vanguard Records went onto sign with multi-national labels RCA and MCA/Universal, respectively. Alisha sold in excess of 2M units worldwide.

Through the mid-1980s, Mark turned his hand to remix work and rock productions for mainstream artists such as David Bowie, Duran Duran, Talk Talk, Toto, Yes, Billy Idol, Boy George, Kool & The Gang and Stephanie Mills.

In the 1980’s Mark S Berry’s New York entertainment attorney and longtime friend, Paul Schindler (Madonna, Joan Jett, Kiss, Rick Rubin, Russell Simmons, Def Jam Records) of Grubman, Indursky & Schindler put a meeting together with Michael Gudinski. At that time Michael was president of Australia’s largest independent record company, Mushroom Records. Mark went onto produce and mix multi-platinum records for some of Australia’s biggest acts including; Kids In The Kitchen, Pseudo Echo, Jimmy Barnes, Indecent Obsession, Eurogliders, Machinations, The Chantoozies and many, many more.

Mark produced and remixed the single vinyl record Til Love Makes Me Cry (A-side) for Newcastle Australia based band Raiding Party in 1990. The track was recorded at Col Joy's studio in Sydney. The single was engineered by Brett Coupland and mastered by Mike Papas. Til Love makes me cry was written by James Davis with credits to Raiding Party members, the cost of this single was over $10,000 AUD. The B side of the single No Retreat was recorded live at the Castle Tavern King Street Newcastle in April 1990. No Retreat was written by Ian Sandercoe in 1987, with credits to Raiding Party members in 1988. nb: Mark S Berry loves his telephone, (sorry A-side).

At the beginning of the 1990s, Mark moved to Toronto, Canada and continued his A&R and production work, mostly in the Rock genre, with artists such as I Mother Earth. Mark (-)  discovered and produced I Mother Earth (EMI) and was the man behind their instant signing buzz that brought 11 international A&R people to Toronto in the fall of 1991 in a bid to sign the emerging band, all based upon a little 5-song master that Mark produced at Metalwork’s Studios. The rest is history as IME went onto become one of the biggest alternative bands in Canadian rock history.
Mark now heads up the Attack Group of Companies, which works in various media such as music, film and television.

In the mid 1990’s the beginning of the Internet. Mark figured it was control of media content that would determine the future of the entertainment industry. With start up capital from a small publishing company controlled by Canadian media giant Alliance Atlantis, he went on to release, via Attack, some of the very records he was hired to produce, along with securing them insertions in some of the biggest TV shows and feature length films in the entertainment business.

Mark S Berry is presently at the helm of the Attack Group of Companies. Attack is a fully independent media company with an international mandate for signing new & emerging artists and film/DVD content on the international scene. Attack’s rock and urban record division has over 40 masters that are distributed in Canada, U.S. and/or internationally.

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  Mark S Berry

Mark S Berry Producer, Mixer, Engineer and Remixer

Released: 1983, Electronic, Electro, credits: co producer Mark S. Berry and mixed by Mahidu.